1. To apply to the guild, sign up on the site, then visit the 'Recruitment' tab and fill out the 'Prospective Recruit' application.
  2. We are always looking for any exceptional players. If you impress us on your application, you will be considered regardless of our current class needs.

Scientific Method - Stormreaver - Horde

by Perseverance at 11:45 PM
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As most of you probably know Patch 6.0.2 comes out this Tuesday and we do plan to start back in raiding so everyone can get used to all the new changes made to our classes.

Also the recruitment post have all been updated for WoD which basically says that we are accepting any class for DPS or Healing right now.
by Perseverance at 7:29 PM
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So as the title states above is anyone else able to play on the alpha?